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The Bible exhorts that we "preach the word...for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine..."
2 Timothy 4:2-3

Here at Scripture Seeds we hold this task in a spirit of humility and great honor. We have been entrusted with the sharing and spreading of God’s “scripture seeds” around the world. The element of faith comes from the hearing of God’s word, Romans 10:17.

Our desire is to make known the whole counsel of God as it is presented in God’s word. It is our task to set forth what God reveals in His word in a simple and straightforward manner. We trust that as you read and listen to these posted messages we pray that you will be blessed and challenged as God’s Spirit speaks to your heart.

If it is possible we would be honored to hear from you. These messages have been posted along with outlines of each message for your further study. If we can help you in your study of God’s word please let us know.

Our heart’s desire is to simply make Jesus known to all who have heard of His love and amazing grace.

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There are 2 Sermons for Available for Year 2015.
Title: Let Us Not Sleep
Let Us Not Sleep

Let Us Not Sleep
God calls out to his people to awake from their spiritual slumber. In the parable of the Wheat and Tares we learn that the tares were sown while the m...
Title: The Spirit Of Esau
The Spirit Of Esau

The Spirit Of Esau
There is a spirit which has invaded the Church of the Living God and it has brought forth destruction to the body of Christ. It is the ancient spirit...

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